samedi, février 04, 2006

petit film grande musique !!

La coutume veut que d'un roman quelconque, ... on tire facilement un bon film, plus rarement d'un mauvais film une superbe bo... dommage ! ça nous ferait une sacrée collection...
Un Michel Legrand survitaminé ! de la balle !! une classe terrible !!! A vous ... :
NotesOooh-weee! This is a goodie! It's the groovy/jazzy soundtrack from Michel Legrand to the 1970 French drama La Dame dans L'auto avec des Lunettes et un Fusil (AKA The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun) starring Samantha Eggar, Oliver Reed and John McEnery.
Contains two great 60s pop vocal tracks from Petula Clark along with some fantastic jazzy and groovy tunes!
"a must have for groovy soundtrack fans" :
"A lost soundtrack treasure from Michel Legrand -- the groovy score to a film whose English title is "The Lady In The Car With Glasses & A Gun"! The album's got Legrand working at the height of his 60s soundtrack powers -- blending together jazz, jerk, pop, and mod elements -- superbly coming together with that fluid style that he brought to some of his more famous work. The whole thing's great, filled with lively 60s tunes that really groove -- and Petula Clark even sings on 2 tunes, one in French and one in English! Titles include "Je Roule", "Jerk Les Avignons", "Le Pont Du Garde", "14 Juillet 70", "O No Ma To Pe", "Le Fusil", and "Les Lunettes". "

dedicated to your "generosité", dear blog-trotters

mercredi, février 01, 2006

Barry goes wonderland !

"Barry characterized the soundtrack as having "almost a Gilbert & Sullivan style, but with a contemporary feeling," but fans will recognize no musical identity except for Barry's own. The score, as wonderfully recorded for the soundtrack LP, includes three ballads, large symphonic pieces, and enjoyable settings of classic Caroll nonsense -- with Barry melodies through and through. "

"Alice's Adventures In Wonderland was a British multi-star musical including Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan and Dudley Moore - all of whom are featured in the film's various musical numbers. Yes, this is a song-score. And the songs are richly melodic, beautifully arranged and are a delight to hear. There are no less than three main themes are they're all top-class Barry: ‘Curiouser And Curiouser’, ‘The Me I Never Knew’ and ‘I've Never Been This Far Before’. It's not kiddie music. Each has that You Only Live Twice kind of romantic maturity. Each has that The Appointment sincerity. There are a handful of enjoyable secondary songs and a number of great instrumental numbers including ‘The Royal Procession’, an addictive march with that distinctive Barry strings-and-brass sound cleverly decorated by the mandolin. Imaginative? You bet. Fresh sounding? Sure. Rich? Immensely."